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The History Of Our Pashmina (Cashmere)

Derived from the Persian word "Pashm (Wool)", Pashmina Shawls are hand-woven from finest-quality Cashmere Wool which is harvested from the downy undercoat of the Himalayan Mountain Goats (Capra hircus).

Besides India, the significant producers of Cashmere are China, Mongolia, Iran, Afghanistan and Turkey. Although woolen shawls were mentioned as early as the third century BC, Pashmina-making truly flourished under Emperor Zayn-ul-Abidin, a 15th-century ruler of Kashmir.

Rightfully so, the most gorgeous ensembles are hand-crafted from the royal fiber called Cashmere/Pashmina to delight your senses.

The historical yarn is equally impressive – full of dramatic turns and colorful twists till the Indian pashmina warmed & captivated all hearts.

Pashmina, however, is not limited only to shawls, there are many other pashmina-made exclusivities like Pashmina Stoles or Scarves to give your wardrobe some elegance.

The Cashmere/Pashmina wool is harvested from goats during their annual molting season when the animals begin to lose the protective layer of down. The raw fiber is then gathered through the shedding and no animal is harmed.

Our sourcing process and fabric are not connected with the internationally banned Shahtoosh procured from the endangered Tibetan antelope Chiru.

Our pashmina is completely legal & safe to possess so you can enjoy their timeless beauty & elegance without having a guilty conscience.

Our Legacy

Our Legacy:


Our legacy dates back to 1927, when our ancestors, the Late Sh. Bhana Mal Aggarwal and his successor the Late Sh. Bakshi Ram Aggarwal established this business of manufacturing Pashmina Shawls in Amritsar - India.


This ancestral legacy was taken forward by their son the Late Sh. Kewal Krishan Aggarwal and thereafter his son, Sh. Sunil Kumar Aggarwal, now our current Chairman, laid a milestone by introducing the Baby Cashmere Stoles, Shawls and Fabrics to the industry.


The heritage craft further diversified under the guidance and leadership of Sh. Sunil K Aggarwal.


The company presently offers an amazing array of hand-crafted Shawls, Stoles, Throws, Scarves and Mufflers, magnificently designed, feather-soft to the touch and cozy to the corner.


Sunchit Aggarwal the son of Sh. Sunil Kumar Aggarwal is the fifth generation in this legendary ancestral textile business.


Our Products:

At Cashmea GmbH, we foster environment-friendly policies and believe in fashion without cruelty.

We use only premium yarns like Lenzing Micro Modal, Fine Muslin Cotton, Linen, Pure Fine Wool, Merino Wool, Mulberry Silk, Bamboo, Tencel, Soya, Rose, Alpaca, Pashmina, Baby Cashmere and many such sheer natural fibers, besides the most divine Cashmere/Pashmina harvested from the fine undercoat of Capra Hircus Laniger, a breed of goats found in the high altitudes of the Himalayan ranges and many specialized yarns from various parts of the world.

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